A touch of titanium DC

Client: Rodenstock | Agency: Serviceplan Campaign 1 | Production: Neverest | Post Producer: Maggy Fischer, Thomas Berner
Director of Animation: Robert Csakvari | 3D Artist: Robert Csakvari, Manuel Kotulla

Some details

A commercial A4 sheet of paper weighs 4.9 grams. These new eyewear models are lighter. With 4.7 grams of titanium they do not even belong to the fly weights of eyeglass frames. Germany’s leading eyewear manufacturer has defined a new lightweight class: The Super Light Flyweight class.

To illustrate the lightness of wearing very pragmatic, we have omitted any frills in our product video and animated the lightweight of the frames in its clarity and ease. We have oriented ourselves to the general concept line that we have developed for this brand line: monochrome, simple, easy!

So welcome the new champion in Super Light Flyweight!