About You

Agency: Serviceplan Campaign X | Production: Neverest | Director: J.J. Keith | DoP: Casey Campbell | VFX & Animation: Manuel Kotulla, Robert Csakvari, Tanja Kerner, Inés Koßack | Finalist Animation Effects Award Festival

Shopping isn’t fun. It’s torture – at least according to men. But there’s a silver lining at the horizon, my fellow males: the online shop About You. So strap in for no more forcing yourself from shop to shop through dungeons of clothes or getting suffocated by endless online shop results. Because About You finds in the fracture of seconds exactly the style you want.

How? Because they have Fausto, the style expert of the “lightyear”.

See for yourself:

TVC Time: Stop

How does this work?

Greenscreens, Wires, Rigs and a lot of clothes throwing – mostly for the fun part of our 3D-Department. But before the fun, there was a lot of brainstorming, story boarding and close exchange with the director, advertising agency and the client. Afterwards we excelled ourselves in crafting all needed fluids, clothes and accessories through building, shading and animating or simulating until we could merge all objects and the five layer greenscreens together in the end into a fun, nearly frozen in time, picture.

So enjoy the timeless world of online fashion shopping!

TVC "Serlina"

TVC "Emma"

TVC "Tim"