What the crunch …? | Brandt Zwieback Commercials

Agency: Serviceplan Köln | Production: Neverest | Director: Tim Stoffel | DoP: Luis de Maia |Producer: Anett Grünbeck | Post Producer: Maggy Fischer | Director of Animation: Manuel Kotulla | Editor: Janine Meyer | Animation & VFX: Manuel Kotulla, Tanja Kerner, Robert Csakvari, Inés Kossack, Alex Bootz | Tracking: Parallaxman | Colorist: Florian Wolf



TV Commercial

Making Of

Making of our lovely Brandt Minis: The reality part



“What was that?” surprised and attracted by this cracking noise a group of friends discovers the cute come-to-life Zwieback Mini characters, inviting them to a funky Dance Party in an awesome tree house.


How they learned to dance

Step 1: Turn Zwieback Minis into cheerful characters.

No toast, no cookie, no head. Just a body with limbs.
Looking tasty, but not too realistic. They’re not supposed to be eaten after all.

Step 2: Breathe life into the Minis.

Tell amusing little stories through movement, expressions and gestures.
Achieve this by immersing oneself into the Minis and their unique type of movement, while also acting and recording the motions in real life.

Step 3: Create the illusion of a coherent world.

Fuse the Minis seamlessly with the recorded footage and its quick moving shadows, lights, camera and children.
Many thanks for the great collaboration with Tim Stoffel and all the young actors!