Henk Loorbach


I graduated as a mixed media artist and i had every intention to become a full fledged artist, the kind with
international art shows, but without the champagne.
That did not exactly happen, and through many different stages, from production assistant, to VJ, to motion
designer i ended up where I am right now, I’m a director.

In my work I still love that aspect of mixing media. Combining live action with alternate realities gives total
freedom in the way you can tell your story, show an image.
This means in both the techniques you use as well as how you use them. Granted, it might make for some hard
to understand imagery sometimes, but that to me is beautiful.
I like the weird and the wonderful, and the accidental moments that create that.

I can get very excited over just a beautiful image, just because it is accidentally there, like the sunset. At the
same time i need the excitement of change.
This is why I try to both create things that are beautiful, but also trigger a thought or leave you with a feeling.
Regardless if this is a feeling of horror, happiness or an all embracing love for mankind.
To achieve that in a nowadays world of over imaging and media content, I think it is important to keep searching
for the chemical reaction that’s triggered when adding just the right ingredients.
This means that every story can be told in many ways, but that you need to be very careful in telling yours or it
might end up being someone else’s story.

In very short, I like old stuff, things with buttons, shark’s teeth, hot sauce and cardboard. I love computers and
their possibilities, but i think they were way cooler in 1965.
I believe all faces are a universal mirror and that humans are the ultimate prop and canvas at the same time.
I love to draw and love drawn animation, but I never do it myself for some mysterious reason.
Funny things make me laugh, and that is maybe what i love most.

Henk lives and works in Amsterdam.



  • Promax Global Award 2009 – gold & bronze, Cult Idents Fox TV
  • Promax Europe 2009 – 2 gold & 1 silver, beste TV image campaign, best original logo design, most outstanding campaign, Cult Idents Fox TV
  • Webby Award 2009 – finalist, Kraak&Smaak „Squeeze Me“
  • D&AD 2009 – in-book honours, Kraak&Smaak „Squeeze Me“


Featured @ Cannes Lions 2009 – Saatchi&Saatchi New Directors Showcase


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