Got Screw Lose? DC

Client: Rodenstock | Agency: Serviceplan Campaign 1 | Production: Neverest | Post Producer: Maggy Fischer, Thomas Berner
Director of Animation: Manuel Kotulla | 3D Artist: Manuel Kotulla, Inés Kossack, Tanja Kerner


Are you one of the people who`s got a screw loose sometimes? This is charming, but can be very annoying for eyeglass wearers. With the latest evolution of the hinge for spectacles from our clients loose screws are passé.

The special cylinder hinge consists of three resistant titanium elements without screws and is more durable and lighter than any spectacle hinge before.

Therefore, we have animated a product video, to visualize the properties of the mechanism as it is: simple and uncomplicated. The spectacle is presented aesthetically, to explain the mechanics course. The reduced design perfectly matches the stylish spectacle frame and the ingenious technology.

So once clean your glasses and experience the latest eyeglass hinge miracle!

Alternative Animation Layout