Agency: Serviceplan Campaign 3 | Production: Neverest | Producer:  Anett Grünbeck | Post Producer: Maggy Fischer
Director TVC:  Philipp Wolff | DoP TVC:  Max Hoever | Edit:  Martin Bierbaum, Katharina Seth | 3D Artist: Manuel Kotulla, Robert Csakvari

Some details

Senseo is a coffee brewing system known for the coffee pads it uses to brew the coffee. The wide product range of the brand has been taken up in the TV commercials.

For any distinctive coffee enjoyer, there´s the right flavor. Even if the choice is sometimes surprising. We produced two TVC’s for Senseo and a lot of tag-on animations. Beginning with the fall of coffee pads, to the rotations of the different coffee-variations.

So what have we learned? Enjoy more coffee!

Breakdown and alternative animation