Flaconi | The Forest Of Beauty

Agency: Serviceplan Berlin | Production: Neverest | Director & DoP: Luis de Maia | Director of Animation: Manuel Kotulla
Post Producer: Nicole Ostermeier | Animation & VFX: Manuel Kotulla, Robert Csakvari, Inés Kossack, Tanja Kerner | Editor: Janine Meyer
Colorist: Florian Wolf


Delevop a unique and magical forest to be explored by the new face o Flaconi



The protagonist Flaconia moves through a living porcelain forest, discovering marvelous animals and beauty products.
The enchanted forest itself exists within a Flaconi parcel.



Since the film shooting would be taking place entirely in front of a greenscreen, which provides no points of reference for the director and the actress, the entire story was developed beforehand through a 3D Layout. In cooperation with the Director of Photography, camera angles and lighting atmosphere were also defined through this method.
The visual style of the forest was mostly designed and modeled exclusively for Flaconi, but also augmented with plants from UnrealEngine Libraries.

Pre Production Layout

Rough Cut

Look Development & Details